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Gustave Flaubert Franklin Library


Franklin Library FULL leather edition of Gustave Flaubert's "Three Tales," Translated by George Burnham Ives, Illustrated by Walter Brooks, a Limited edition, one of the COLLECTED STORIES OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST WRITERS series, published in 1981. Bound in a navy blue leather, the book has matching silk end leaves, satin book marker, hubbed spine, gold gilding on three edges---in FINE---like new---condition. Gustave Flaubert, who lived from 1821 - 1880, was an influential French writer. This volume include three tales: "A Simple Heart," is a story about a servant girl named Felicité. After her one and only love Théodore purportedly marries a well-to-do woman to avoid conscription, Felicité quits the farm where she works. She picks up work in a widow's house as a servant. She is very loyal, and easily lends her affections to the two children of her mistress, Mme Aubain. She gives entirely to others; although many take advantage of her, she is unaffected. She has no husband, no children, and no property, and is reliant on her mistress to keep her; she is uneducated, which bars her visits to the Church; her death is virtually unnoticed. She lives a simple, unexamined life. "The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitalier" is the story about Julian the Hospitaller. He is predicted at birth to do great things. His father is told that he will marry into the family of a great emperor, while his mother is told he will be a saint. They dote on him. "Herodias" is the retelling of the beheading of John the Baptist.